Skipping 3rd Dose (3rd Week) of Methotrexate. Completely Debilitated After 2 Weeks.

Sent this to my doctors tonight.  Decided to skip my weekly dose of Methotrexate after 2 weeks on this stuff.  However, my local doctor who’s been administering my treatments responded with an “Out of Office Until 7/16″ message. Hope my doctors in Utah respond with better ideas.



Skipping tonight (sunday) 3rd weekly dose of Methotrexate. If you think I should continue or reduce cyclosporine, let me know.

Have been feeling worse and worse for the past 2 weeks on Methotrexate. Started with head feeling “cloudy”, then head/brain area felt “heavy,” but not nauseous or pounding headaches. Just pressure, or maybe lack of pressure. During 2nd week, heart starting to feel awkward, weaker. Blood pressure is around 118/78 the 2nd week, which is lower than it’s been when I’ve been on only cyclosporine (BP had always been elevated with cyclosporine). Starting Tues/Wed of 2nd week, body feels extremely heavy such that having a pillow under my head still feels like my head is too high. Body feeling more sluggish and harder to control, so I’m walking hunched over at 70 or 80 degrees and can’t drive.  Though not quite as severe as when we tried Cellcept, it’s getting there.

Please advise.”


Also recorded a video tonight documenting this:

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