True Wealth and Privilege: Kindness, smiles, caring, and not wasting away

what true wealth and privilege is: something every human being has an unlimited supply of to give freely, that is invaluable to anyone who receives it.

At my only “safe” buffet that I frequent, ran into a server our family has become close with over the years. This girl is the most positive, high spirited, welcoming, hardworking server we’ve ever seen. She’s just one of those people that make everyone around her feel better. Every restaurant would thrive if their servers ha half her work ethic and people skills. Yet when I asked her how she was doing with school and how her family was doing, for a moment the corner of her eyes swelled a bit as she told me the burdens of student loans and never able to pay for enough classes because she needed to help out at home. Even though she felt further and further behind in life, I encouraged her to just do things at her own pace and that she had all the ingredients of success…just waiting on the opportunity. As other tables called…she resumed her peppy self in an instant, but that’s not all I see anymore.

Moral of the story? Lots!

Moral #1: BE A FRIEND. Ask for someone’s name…and actually try to remember them as a person. If you forget it next time, ask again…instead if being offended they’ll more likely appreciate the “human” interaction instead of being used as a tool for whatever benefit you can get from them.

Moral #2: Everyone is going through something. Just because they put on a smile (or standoffish attitude) doesn’t mean they don’t need a kind smile, an assuring look, or a simple “how was your day?”, and actually putting aside our egos for a second to really listen. These cost us nothing. We have an unlimited supply of these things. Every human being, regardless of social status or wealth, are wealthy in kindness if we decide to give it. We are beyond measure in wealth in smiles, kind words, and genuine friendship. We can give these freely and they can mean the world to someone else and, on certain days, change the whole course of their lives.

Moral #3: Be grateful. How do you be grateful? Being grateful is an action, not just a passing thought. Be grateful by not squandering the PRIVILEGE of comfort, safety, family, friends, and time. What you take for granted could be someone else’s life goal and dreams. and IF the same privileges were placed in their hands, they’ll be able to do so much more with it than you are. Don’t squander privileges.

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