Superpowers are Growing! Smell Sensitivity & Reactivity Increased!

My superpowers are growing! Can now smell cigaret residue on someone downstairs at the other end of the house…behind closed doors (and I have a really big house). MASK ON AT HOME. #underseige

There really is no where to hide.  Good times are rare and shouldn’t be expected as the norm.  Relish in the battle and the strength to hold on through attacks, because that is reality.  Yes, being constantly under attack gets old and we inevitably get tired, but be proud of your strength.  That’s something to hang your hat on, as the saying goes.

This night, and the coming days, just went south really fast.  Will be working off the effects of this for a few days.  “Working off” meaning fatigued in bed, probably with some brief neurological repercussions.

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