What Would Be Your Life’s Grand Finale?

What’s the one thing you’d do if you didn’t have long to live? A few months maybe? This isn’t about what tops your bucket list. This is about getting to know yourself and what’s truly important to you. You’re only forced to think about essential vs. non-essential when things are limited.

I’ve been in borrowed time the last 6 years. The only medication that’s keeping me alive is also very toxic and should’ve wasted my liver & kidneys all this time. Earlier this year, the only option it seemed was to get off this medication and gamble on a brand new treatment that wipes out my immune system. So, for a year after, I would have to be isolated in a clean room. Anything, even dust, could be deadly. I’ve gotten 6 or 7 extra years, which had been nothing short of spectacular. But once again, staring my own mortality in the face, I looked inside myself again. Yes, optimism is a must, but what if these last few months are it? What do I need to do that I CAN do?

This isn’t a fantasy of anything goes. This’ll probably have to happen in or near a hospital somewhere. I decided to write my autobiography. How I survived the unimaginable and managed to do many things even healthy people couldn’t. Sure, I could continue to work on the many things I’m good at. But there are tons of other people who are better and will carry on that work. I’m not adding anything others can’t. But my life and how I lived it? That’s a gem. That’s worth leaving behind that others will need.

Luckily there’s a safer, experimental treatment I’m supposed to test in the fall, but work on the autobiography won’t stop.

A friend of mine from the Bronx would want to bring a giant American music tour to Brasil, where he lives now. Once I’m cured, I’ll put on this show with him.

What would you do? Let’s assume you do all the important things like spend more time with the people closest to you and making amends. After all of that, what would you do?

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