Being Used For Good. Helping a Homeless Deaf Man

Yesterday I got to help a deaf homeless man without knowing I was needed at a certain time and place beforehand. I was on my way back from the Temple and meeting a friend for dinner. But I was early. I decided to swing by the Wednesday night Institute class. When I opened the door I found my friend Christian and two missionaries on the floor of the hall using sign language to communicate to another man. He looked ragged, like he’d been on the streets, and had a small suitcase. Upon finding the class overcrowded, I rejoined the group on the hallway floor. I learned that the man was on disability but he wouldn’t get his check for several days. He was back on the streets without a place to sleep. He had been hiding near places he’d lived. We brainstormed of parks, parking garages and hidden alleyways for him to hide in, but with his hearing and back problems we couldn’t come up with anywhere suitable. None of us had ever been on the streets, and secretly thought of how grateful that we had our own beds to return to. Just before I had to leave, I suddenly remembered a good buddy who had been homeless when I met him. He knew the ins and outs of living on the street, especially in this area. I called him and sure enough, he had places for our homeless friend to stay. Amazing how little miracles happen. I wasn’t even supposed to be there last night. I sat with them for just 10 minutes and things worked out better for a man I’ve only met. Best 10 minutes of the week.

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