Unlimited Wealth That Buys Everything

If you inherited unlimited wealth in the form of a resource, would you spend it to acquire everything you’ve ever wanted? Few people realize we all have something others desperately need from us, that which costs us nothing to give, but in return can receive the world. A kind word, a friendly smile, a hug, an honest conversation, or just asking someone’s name. None of this cost me anything but has gotten me more than money can buy. Human connection is the most powerful thing, not money.

While with enough money the effect can be immediate, real connections and networks last a lifetime. The value grows stronger with time and doesn’t end when you stop paying them. People worth more than I can imagine are happy to give up their time for me because we built a friendship. I’ve made friends with strangers in parking lots as well as in the drive-thru window who turned out to be invaluable. You never know when you’ll need someone or who you’ll need, so connect with everyone who pass through your life today, friends and strangers alike. It really is about who you know and how you know them.

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