“I Can Only Eat McDonald’s” :: McDonald’s Video Ad Submission

Finally allowed to post this personal video I shot for McDonald’s , but only because they didn’t use it! How could they not?! “I can only eat McDonald’s” always shocks people, especially those who know I’m fatally allergic to literally everything. For some inexplicable reason, McDonald’s is the only food I can safely handle when I’m stabilized by tons of toxic immunosuppressant medication. Weird right? But it did mean I could leave the house and not starve as long as I had a McDonald’s near by. After being bedridden and left for dead, I finally was well enough to leave the house. Because of McDonald’s I was able to travel as far as New York and Chicago for business. The last time I was in Chicago I ate McDonald’s all 5 days.

I have had McDonald’s almost every day for the last 4 years. Sometimes several times a day. Yes, it got gross after a while but the freedom and things I’ve been able to do are priceless. Most of you have eaten with me at least once at McDonald’s! Whether if it was to hang out, business meeting, or while I was traveling. So much has happened because McDonald’s is everywhere and safe for me, often even more tolerable than any food we make from scratch at home.

The quality of life the last 4 years, doing things I never thought I could, and, most of all, getting to know and work with all of you was why I wanted to make this video.

Thanks to Blake Cyrier for helping me film this with just a day’s notice!

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