Finally Healthy Enough to Store Fat & Energy! First Time In My Life not Emaciated

First time in my life my body is healthy enough to store fat! Malnutrition was the norm all my life, being severely allergic to everything I ate. Anything I put in my body caused severe allergies that cost more energy to fight off than nutrition the food provided.  Causing skin lesions, infections, nervous system reactions, asthma and more, eating did more damage than good.  With treatments these last 6 years, body slowly repaired itself…everything from muscle tone to skeletal structure improved.  Though I’ve ate more, my body was in such bad shape all the energy went towards repair and recovery, so no weight was stored. FINALLY! Broke out of “dry weight” of 120lbs-125lbs and hit 130lbs 2 months ago…now 135lbs and rising. So this is what gaining some weight feels like!

Video from last August about body repairs and recovery beneath the surface:

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