Health Update 2.25.14 – 10hrs Filming Professional Dancers at Youtube Space LA

The path no one takes is the most exciting path.  This is the awesome kind of stuff I get to do because I work for myself.  My disease prevented me from using my hard earned degree for “normal” work and, for a long while, I couldn’t even leave my room.

But with this life I’ve crafted out of need, I’ve had experiences few people ever get…and I have a lot of them.  Making friends with millionaires, billionaires, CEOs and celebrities people try all their lives to even talk to.

This time I got to film some of the top professional dancers in the world.  We hung out and had a blast.  My friend Vinny came along to help drive me.  For those who don’t know LA traffic, it would’ve taken 2-3 hrs for me to get home if I tried to head back between 2pm and 7pm.  So either I had to leave before 2pm, or leave after 7pm.  If I stayed, that means a super long day and I’d be too exhausted to drive home.  So, having help driving was invaluable.  And he ended up helping to operate one of the cameras too and enjoyed it.

Everyone wins.

“Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.” is one of my favorite Jim Rohn quotes.

If you want to do something, do it.  And always keep your eyes peeled for other opportunities that comes your way, because you never know when something even cooler will appear.

Don’t wuss out.  Welcome the work and the journey.  It’s work that’s going to change you into something amazing.  The more you take on and allow to transform you, the more amazing you become.

Whatever your situation is, never look at it as a negative thing.  It has taught you invaluable skills and knowledge only you know, because only you had those experiences.  That’s what you have to offer everyone else in this world, and they need you, just as you’ll need them for other things.  No one succeeds on their own.  No one.

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