Health Update 2.8.14: Allergy Hot/Cold Sweats. Hope, Demons, & Signs.

Living moment to moment, facing complete uncertainty.  Also, as I consider the potential cure experiment using the Rituximab + Omalizumab (Xolair) combo, old presences that I haven’t felt in years came back.  Felt these demons in some very disturbing dreams lately, whereas I rarely, if ever, dream.  These weren’t nightmares.  No.  Nightmares usually spiral into such an uncomfortable scenario your body snaps awake as a defensive mechanism.  These dreams were a consistent presence.

As a kid when I always felt on the verge of death, I’ve had my fair share of being surrounded by these demons.  Always felt like they were trying to take my life away.  Their dark, thick energy is hard to shake and definitely added to my constant fear during those, sick, weak, holding on for dear life days.

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