Health Update – 2 Week Nausea, Unknown Cause. Mental Health

Finally well after 2 weeks of nausea. Suddenly felt well after the rain 2 days ago. Still unsure of the cause of the debilitating nausea. Best comparison to the type of nausea is airsickness on a bumpy flight. (though I rarely get air sickness unless I eat something I shouldn’t have before a flight & stomach’s not digesting, getting pressure underneath the heart). Symptoms now include some pressure just below, and in back of, the ear canal. Also feel pressure in the temples and around the nose cavity. Symptoms have improved slightly over the past 2 weeks, but still causes problems 80% of waking hours. Feeling best first 2 hrs of waking up.

Have increased gastrocrom to 6x/day (of 100mg) since 9/1/13. Don’t know if it’s gastrocrom or allergies to something in the wind as other normally healthy friends have reported migraines and allergies for the last 2 weeks as well.

Considered the possibility that Cyclosporine may be the cause as well, though I’ve been on the same dose for over a year. Usually elevated high blood pressure is a concern for cyclosporine and may indicate problems, but my blood pressure has actually dropped recently instead of staying elevated. Blood pressure is lower: avg 115/70

All other diet and routines remain the same.

Key takeaway

Just because your health routines remain the same doesn’t mean you’ll feel the same. Just because medications have been working, doesn’t mean it’ll continue to work. Sometimes the same medication that helped you improve may cause you to get sick later on. Also, the environment is constantly changing. The weather, chemicals in the air and food. And lastly, yourself. Your body is constantly changing. Being on one medication for a week is totally different from being on something for a year. The side effects may suddenly show when your body can’t handle the chemicals and effects that’s been building up over time. How you react is nonlinear. Even the changes you feel won’t continue to change in the same way.

Mental Health. Emotional Wellbeing.

This area of my life takes the biggest hit when I’m unable to get up. In the past, with all the itching and pain, I worked on projects or went online to learn things to keep my mind occupied. Helps to forget the pain sometimes (even if I was still ripping off my skin scratching while reading). But the last 2 weeks, lying around being dizzy and unable to do anything, even online, is one of the biggest frustrations i have. And the biggest one I need to change.

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