Health Update – Jeffrey Lin’s Utah Medical Trip – 8.28.13 to 8.31.13

Fantastic trip.  First time mom has gone with me on medical trip to Utah.  Mom met the both doctors and all were very emotional.

As for treatment changes, nothing major.  Staying on the same dose of Cyclosporin daily and increasing Gastrocom to 600 mg per day.  This medication combo has allowed me to eat real food 7 days a week now, so we’re just sticking with it.  As said before, have more room to add for Gastrocom so that’s all I’m changing for now.

Planning ahead, can’t stay on Cyclosporin forever.  These “treatments” right now are simply reducing my reactions so my body can rest and heal, but I’m not being cured.  Meaning, any time I stop the medications, my skin, intestines, and nervous system will likely rot and get infected again.  So, as we’ve discussed many times during past visits, considering potential medications that may cure allergies.  However, using such medications to treat toxically fatal allergies such as mine has never been done, so this will be experimental.

One idea is using Mepolizumab to remove eosinophils from places it shouldn’t be, such as skin and lungs, and where it’s causing problems.

The other idea is using Rituximab to kill off a bunch of B-cells in the immune system, the logic being that B-cells produce IgE’s that we surmise is causing my toxic allergies.  Then, we can go back to trying Omalizumab, brand name Xolair, to neutralize any remaining IgE’s already in my system.  The danger with using Rituximab is it essentially kills off most of my immune cells and leaves me defenseless to any infections or diseases for a while.  The hope is that the B-cells will grow back, but with normal B-cells that produce normal amounts of IgE’s, not a toxic amount like I’m always had.

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