Health Update – Improving Beneath the Surface. Patience, Don’t Interrupt the Healing.

It’s obvious that my skin layers have grown back really well as I’ve stayed disciplined from triggering any severe allergic reactions, which I talked about in the video yesterday.

The really cool thing I’m noticing, though, is further physiological improvements.  I’ve written about it before and I’ve felt it, but I’m seeing it more and more.  Muscle structure, tendons, and thus posture have all improved without really any exercise.  Even when I did exercise in the past, the muscle tone and strength that I built up would vanish in a moment if I got sick.

Now, simply maintaining a steady treatment, which was our plan to not rock the boat, I’ve allowed all of my body to heal.  Often skin is the most obvious, so as soon as I take some steroids to cover up a severe reaction, people see normal colored skin and think I’m fine.  No. Not so.  That’s the furthest from the truth.  Especially with steroids.  Steroids actually break down the skin and muscle structure underneath.  Others with severe allergies and eczema will tell you that being on steroids feels like wearing a plastic mask while your skin rots to mush.  It’s one of the most uncomfortable feelings.

So, the message of this video is, even when you look ok, allow much much more time to heal.  Because everything in your body is connected.  So while your skin, asthma, or other obvious symptoms have healed, the overall body system probably has not.

I had someone ask me why they continue to get sick even tho they’ve taken their medications and feeling “fine.”  This video is for them.  Your primary symptoms may be gone, but like after an earthquake, the foundations must be slowly redrawn and rebuilt.  Sometimes walls and whole structures have to be torn down and rebuilt because the building has suffered too much damage from the earthquake.  Think of sicknesses as earthquakes to your body.

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