True Illumination Unlocks Infinite Peace

I laid here awake all night, as I have done for the past couple of nights. Having been on an emotional and spiritual high the last 2 weeks, a few nights ago I felt a prompting come across my mind that the test was coming. “The Test” as I’m coming to call it, is the dark before the dawn. Harsh challenges in life that tests your will and understanding. Such as when Joseph Smith experienced great darkness and fear before The Father & The Son appeared to him.

While copying the Book of Mormon, as I’ve been doing daily, Mosiah 7:18 made a strong impression in my mind, especially the end “yet I trust there remaineth an effective struggle to be made.”

Even with these warnings, it was hard to see myself coming down from such good times. Great design & video projects had come my way, and finally got in the gear of writing this blog daily. Ideas just seemed to come. Also talked a few friends through their personal issues and felt I’d done something good for them.

However, while taking an after-dinner walk with mom & dad Friday night, I talked myself into a depressed and hopeless mood. The exact kind of thing I was talking my friends out of.

The Lesson

Friday night and all of Saturday I did not feel right emotionally. Like something had taken away all the life force I had been high on recently. I felt trapped. I prayed hard but still went through a slew of negative emotions and thoughts. Went out with friends for the night and though was a good distraction, the uneasiness was still weighing on me when the night was over.

Finally, as I laid here, a random memory popped into my head. The instant conclusion I got from this “inspiration” as applied to my current concerns suddenly unlocked all my troubles. I can breathe again.

I believe I was struggling because all my other thoughts were not the “right answer.” Was not the “truth,” and there is only one truth. The truth passes the exam with a 100%, not 99.9%. The truth is perfect. It fits the key hole exactly. Once the Holy Spirit illuminates your mind with the truth, all the doors of your internal interlocked worries open at once. Peace is not temporary, but fills every avenue of your soul that was once blocked. Truth opens all the doors.

I believe this is why genuine answers to prayers feels undeniably soothing, but anything that’s tainted with our own mortal thoughts varying from the truth feels like a painful internal struggle. That’s what I’ve been feeling the last 2 nights.

The struggle the last 2 nights was definitely not fun! But I am so grateful for learning this lesson by experiencing the instant peace truth brings. Wanted to write this down in the moment as this is knowledge I never wish to forget, but become better and better at aligning myself with the truth.

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