Push Through Anything With Singular Reality. No Options

Everyone asks me how I do things despite my “conditions”. Easy. I don’t believe I have any problems.

How can I even function instead of passing out from pain and exhaustion? How did I take on 21 credits in college at the top ranked Engineering school? Taking exams with bloodied infected hands and holding pens with just my fingernails? How did I make it through 4 years of High School band, under the scorching sun, marching & sitting on grass, playing the trumpet of all things? How’d I build mechanical designs, machine parts, solder electronics (which likely made me more sick)? How’d I learn to trade stocks, futures, & options sitting all day in front of my screens on about 3 inches of my tailbone, because that was the only area I could sit on without raw infected flesh?

I’ve lived a life of physical pain, itching that feels like the burning of hell, suffocating asthma, just to name a few. Why didn’t that bother me (as much as it should) and how have I been able to do stuff on top of that?

It’s just how I live my life, but that’s not a very insightful answer. Saying that won’t help those of you who are struggling with something.

Here’s the best way I can explain the zone I get in so any pain & obstacles mean nothing:

Get in a singular reality with a one way ticket.

“You’re doing this and there’s nothing you can do about it. “

Doesn’t matter if its skydiving or getting out of bed.  Because you’re on a one way train, you can’t get off. You can’t not go. This is your reality. So, don’t even add the thought “there’s nothing I can do about it.” That adds too much internal struggle that’s a waste of mental and emotional energy.  I never had the fear of dying because I never believed I would die. Definitely never believed I was different from anyone else.  Obviously I am, but it’s funny how thoughts are self-fulfilling.  You can trick your mind into believing you can do anything, and your body follows.  That’s the idea of limiting beliefs.

The mind is most powerful with singular thought, all other thoughts weaken you. I’m often breathing shallow with asthma, but when I’m focused I don’t even notice it. It doesn’t exist in my reality at the moment and, guess what, the brain can do a ton on autopilot! Think about driving and all the complex coordination and motor skills involved.  You can talk while driving, day dream, listen to music, get home and won’t even remember how you got there. Isn’t it much more relaxing to day dream when driving instead of super focused on it?

Relax and enjoy whatever challenge you’re taking on. Let all the pains go on autopilot. Tiredness and hunger are just FEELINGS, like warm or cold weather. You’ve felt it everyday of your life.  Recognize it as just a feeling and forget about it. Only way any if that weighs you down and hurts you is rationalizing those feelings and pampering yourself, thinking to yourself how uncomfortable you are, which taking away positive energy from your mental focus. Any worries, fear, second thoughts, even the time of day and excuses is IRRELEVANT because they don’t exist in this reality.

Obviously I still have many things I get mentally weak about so I’m trying to learn from myself as well. Like they say, do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

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