Wait, Who Are You?

Ever stop and wonder who’s influencing you, how you think, what you do, the life you live? All those times when someone says something and you panic, thinking you don’t measure up to whatever level of wealth, style, social status, or capabilities. It may not even be directed at you, or it could be, it doesn’t matter. Say some coworkers are super accomplished at making origami dragons, are super enthusiastic about origami dragons, and Bob makes you feel like an idiot when you don’t know all the nerdy origami dragon stuff. Then you go home googling how to make origami dragons and getting a billion paper cuts trying to make them. The whole while you’re miserable because you don’t even like origami, let alone origami dragons.

Who is Bob, really? What life accomplishment combined with moral integrity and wisdom warrants you to shift your whole life focus and spend your precious time on earth doing what Bob thinks is important? Probably not much.

Same with following the hot girl in school, whose only accomplishment may be inheriting good genes. Same with modeling your whole life after some actor who, sure, are experts at THEIR CRAFT, but not experts at life! Many FAIL at life. You might as well model your life after a NYC cab driver. Those guys are the best at their craft of driving cabs!

Next time you feel like you’re being pressured to change yourself, it may be right, but always ask in your mind about the person “Wait, who are you?”

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