Discovering Living: 1st Time Rock Climbing. Who’d Thunk was Possible?



Today: rock climbing. Few yrs ago, could barely walk without knees popping. Did not really have skin, was just covered in raw infected flesh. There was no way I could’ve wore a harness without passing out from the pain, and DEFINITELY couldn’t use my fully bandaged, bleeding hands to pull my weight and climb.  At an indoor smelly, sweaty gym full of chalk dust and other allergens?  Would’ve died from asthma before entering the building (literally…I’m that sensitive I can sense trace amounts of particles from far away).

Someone asked about how my knees recovered. The reason my knees were shot is different. It was because of my allergy immune problems that caused joints, tendons, and just about everything to be swollen and infected. With the immunotherapy meds now, things have calmed down enough that I can build up strength day by day. Without the medication and discipline to avoid ALL FOODS (because I’m allergic to all foods), my joints, tendons and other internals would constantly be swollen.  Any workouts or strength building would be impossible and ineffective.






Rockreation Gym in OC


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