Awkwardness. Learn from Ross Gellar & Friends.

Friends is such a great show because of all the awkward situations, especially Ross’ life. Actor David Schwimmer perfected the awkward expression.

Most entertainment, TV, movies are just highlight reels. Friends was such a hit because sure, the cast had amazing chemistry, but also the show was about the boring, lame, and awkward moments that fill our lives between the occasional highlights.

Why was awkwardness such a big theme in Friends? Why was Ross, a well adjusted, educated, working class adult in NYC caught in these awkward scenarios? Because we can all relate. Awkwardness is universal. Problem is, most of us become socially constipated by that awkward feeling instead of owning it like Ross does.

I’m sure we all felt awkward when we first pooped into a diaper. I don’t remember, personally, but I’d imagine so. The point is, awkward is the launch pad for experiencing and growing. The more you do anything the more natural it becomes. Most of the time other people are preoccupied with their own awkwardness they won’t even notice yours. It’s mostly a feeling inside of you that’s only real to you.

From now on, recognize that awkward feeling and say to yourself, “Yes! My body is telling me I’m on the verge of acquiring more social skills and leveling up!”

Be a Ross. Embrace awkwardness and stop living a constipated life.

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