Terminated: Allergy Immunotherapy Shots Experiment

Often my body will just give me the answer.  Which is nice, no need for uncertainties of what to do.  Skin and asthma continued to get worse.  Seems I’ve been saying this for the past 3 weeks of shots, because I have.  Communicated the following reactions with the doctors right away:

By the way, noticed some slow leaking/tearing behind the ear in the folds connecting to the head and other areas with more sensitive skin. Resulting in yellow crusting in both areas.

Haven’t had these symptoms for over a year, even during some of the flareups.

The decision was made to stop the shots and consider this experiment over.  Better now than the estimated 12-18months of treatments to see results.  Apparently that’s the treatment schedule for most patients trying these types of allergy shots.

It occurred to me that maybe I should take a few weeks off, then start over, but at the reduced dose of 0.05mL of 1:1,000,000 as with treatment #3.  My thinking was, if treatment #2 was was a significant allergic reaction (which Dr. B said it was since I had internal reactions, not just skin), it usually takes my body a few weeks to fight through and recover from an allergic reaction.  If my health was already weakened by treatment #2, treatments #3 and #4 at lower doses may still have caused problems whereas if I had recovered, those lower doses may have been tolerable.

However, taking the counsel of the doctors and their familiarity with administering these allergy shots, apparently I’m still reacting too much at such low doses for this type of treatment to be effective.  Furthermore, the symptoms were worrisome enough that I may be risking an anaphylaxis shock.  In a weird way, I’m sometimes amused at how scared and careful doctors are with me when trying anything.  No feeling of room for error and thus always err on the side of caution.  These are the kinds of doctors I like.

So its back to just playing with, i.e. slowly adjusting and increasing, gastrocrom.  As Dr. G put it in response to my reactions to allergy shots:

I would be inclined to continue the same dose of gastrocrom that you have been utilizing and to continue liberalizing your diet. Gastrochrom seems to be most effective and I would not change that aspect of your care in order to make acceptance of allergen immunotherapy better.

Guess that means Fridays are not shot days anymore.  Bring on the fun projects and summer activities (as much as I’m able!)

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