Reactions to 2nd week of Allergy Shots

Obvious allergic reactions after the 2nd treatment not only persisted but was obviously getting worse. Below is my update and question to all the doctors and the adjustments we came up with to continue administering the shots at 1/10th of this week’s dose.

My Email to Docs


Hope you all had a great long weekend.

Quick update. 2nd dose of allergy shots this past friday, 5/24/13. Definitely had a adverse reaction, though symptoms faded after ~6 hrs without any needing any medication.

+40mins: Stuffy nose (left nose) after
+45mins: Chest tightness (right chest). Felt as if airways constricting, but no wheezing or attack.

Breathing continues to be more labored than it has been recently and have needed albuterol 2x this weekend. Haven’t had to use albuterol in the recent months. Did feel more physically fatigued (as opposed to the usual low energy from Cyclosporine).

Injection dosage:
0.1 1:100,000 of:

0.1 1:10,000 of
Dust mite

Started at 0.05 for all.

Not comfortable repeating this injection set. Should I go back to 0.05 for all, remove a few categories (i.e. dust mites, dogs & cats) or stop?

Docs Reply

In the interim since you sent this note we have communicated with Dr. B and I believe she has quite a good plan. I liked the conservative nature of her approach. Let us know if you have any worries.

Jeffrey’s note: Dr. B’s plan is to continue shots with the 5 allergen group, but at 1/10th the dose. Again, the doses will be increased each week.

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