Allergy Immunotherapy Shots Treatment #2

Had 2nd treatment today and my body isn’t taking it well. The treatment dose for all 5 allergen groups were doubled, according to the method of slowly increasing the dose. Obvious reaction right after leaving the hospital, having waited the usual 30-mins. Guess we forgot I’m not “usual”. Here are the notes from today:


Robyn Swanson drove me.

Pre-shot peak flow: 600

0.1mL 1:100000 of
Grass 2
Dog cat

0.1mL 1:10000 dust mite

Leave Kaiser Garden Grove – 4:50pm

Post-shot peak flow: 550

4:55 Feeling slight stuffy nose (left nose)

5:00pm. Left nose even more stuffy. Right chest tightness . Shallower breathe, but no albuterol needed

5:40pm right chest tightness started opening up. Left nose still stuffed

Chest tightness after drinking cold water. Airways seem to be more constricted since this afternoon.

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