Allergy Immunotherapy Shots Treatment #1

Started immunotherapy allergy shots yesterday, finally. As we’ve planned out with the doctors in Utah as well as Dr. B here locally at Kaiser where I’ll be getting the shots, 5 different allergen groups will be injected. Will get injections every Friday with the same allergen groups.

Here are the notes from yesterday’s shots & today.

0.05mL at 1:100000 of
Grass 2
Dog cat

0.05mL at 1:10000 for dust mites

Leave Kaiser Garden Grove – 12:17pm

12:45pm – left eye and left nose feeling watery.

12:50pm – Lunch at Subway (Fullerton). Foot-long roast beef on wheat bread.

2pm – feeling slightly nauseous

Felt better by 6pm. Went to church activity at Boomers till 11pm

7pm dinner mcdonalds mcchicken mini meal

11pm – cyclosporine 125 mg (2nd day)

Saturday, 5/18/13
12:30pm (24 hrs after shots)
Skin itches more than usual. Skin feels fluffy, not solid. Feels as if I ate a lot of chicken and rice the day before, which I didn’t.

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