Non-Existent Sleep Schedule, The Summer in the Fall Edition

(As the Swedish House Mafia lyric goes…) “There was a time,” when I sleep for more than 18 hours a day.  Happens less now that I’m doing much better, but there was a redux yesterday.  Was producing the music video for Shane and Day’s “Lights (by Ellie Goulding) Dance Remix.”  Went to sleep at 9am.  Woke up at 6pm for about an hour when Diana called to meet them at Downtown Disney for the night.  I felt drowsy, but thought I just needed to wake up.  So I got ready, got in the car, and went through the McDonald’s Drive-Thru to pick up dinner on my way.  Noticing a lame lack of skill navigating the drive-thru lane and weakness in my legs,  I realized I was having another one of these “hit by a train” uber-tired physically exhausted days.  Gave Diana a quick call back to cancel, came home to finish dinner, then passed out again.  Just woke up and it is 4:30am.  A little more strength has returned in the body, but still took forever to lift myself out of bed as the weight of my body and bones seemed to press me into the bed.  Usually, when feeling well, I can jump out of bed with cat-like swiftness.  This was not one of those times.

Current theory of the “hit by a train” fatigue is the nutty temperature volatility this week, oscillating between summer and fall.  (By the way, love the “Bones” show title with “in the” format right?!)  I can clearly feel my body being expanded and pressured in the 100 degrees daytime heat, even when I’m in an AC controlled room.  Then, feeling my body being contracted in the chilly and crisp fall night.  As hot as it is in the daytime, even when I’m awake, I have massive headaches and my body just can’t function enough for me to concentrate on much to be productive.  (Though I still successfully conducted several conference calls during the day).  Thus, back to the nocturnal schedule when the crisp and cold night air calms me down and clears my head.

Thus goes the non-existent sleep schedule. I’ve long given up on just “lying there” at night when I’m awake trying to fall asleep in a fruitless attempt to wake up during the day and work.  Because as I just said, during weathers like this, waking up during the day is essentially useless given how bad I feel and how unproductive I am.  If I were to just lay in bed at night when I’m actually comfortable and my mind’s actually lucid enough to work, I’d be wasting a full day and really not get anything done.  At least working nocturnally, I just shift my schedule, but I still accomplish things and not fall (too much) behind.  Also, the satisfaction from accomplishing work is much more psychologically constructive than feeling depressed about not doing anything and being useless.

So as it goes… “There was a time…” (Don’t You Worry Child – by Swedish House Mafia)

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