Health Update Clarification: Minimize use of Steroids. My Treatments are Last Resort

Clarification for those of you who don’t know the severity and complexity of my allergy disease. I list a lot of medications and treatments in my health update videos, but HOW CAREFULLY I use these medications are worth spending time explaining. I’ll go out on a limb and say few if any of you will have allergies anywhere as extreme as mine. Therefore, the combinations of all the medications and treatments I use are last resort.

This video is in response to a comment left on the last health update video (for 7/19/12 Utah Medical Trip). As the user said, steroids (topical and oral) should be avoided and only used sparingly in times of crisis. I stated in my very first health update video that taking too much prednisone led to the severity of my condition at the time. Steroids thins (and eventually destroys) all skin, leaving you defenseless and worse than you started.

If your condition is limited to one or two diagnosis such as just Eczema, just Asthma, or just GI diseases, find the best ways to care for those areas.

Do testing to figure out what your immune system is reacting to, and avoid as much as you can. I avoid all food, eating a strictly Elecare diet. It is extremely difficult to stop eating food, but that’s how far I need to go. You need the determination to do the same. When you know what’s causing the problems, you need to stop any activities that will get you sick, even if its food or activities you love doing.

Only after you’ve done all you can to avoid allergy triggers, to do prevention, and therapies/medications that are easy on the body, should you try the things I mention.

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