Jeffrey Lin’s Utah Medical Trip Update – 7/19/12 & 7/20/12

Continuing my journey battling this extreme disease.  Documenting improvements since last visit to Univ of Utah at end of March ’12.  Also, medication changes and treatment changes:

  • Immunosuppressant: Cyclosporin (continuing)
  • Reduce bleach in bath to every other day.
  • Topical ointments: protopic, triamcinolone, desonide, fluocinonide (continuing)
  • Muciprocin inside ear, nose, and on open wounds on body (continuing)
  • Stop Keflex (was on Keflex first 10 days each month, 500mg x4 per day).
  • Creams: vanicream, CeraVe (continuing)
  • Bath: Robathol, salt
  • Gastrocrom
  • UV Light treatment: sitting in shade outside
  • Vitamins: Calcium, Vitamin D3


Appointment (thinktank session) with Dr. Gleich, 7/20/12 appointment

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