More Symptoms & Discomforts. Considering Skipping a Dose of Xolair

I’m having some other noticeable reactions the last few days.  Not sure if it’s from Xolair, CellCept, or changes my body is having from these.  But these symptoms are becoming a real disruption in my daily life and thus my mental health.
  • Motion sickness symptoms has been persistent the whole 2 weeks since last Xolair shot.
  • More persistent chest tightening.
  • Having a hard time with detailed motor functions like driving or writing with a pen.  I was journaling everyday but now an unable to write properly.  Also hard to use my iPhone.  That’s something huh?  And all iPhone really needs is thumb control.
  • Small hives, a dozen or so on both legs/thighs and hands.  ~1cm diameter. Itches

Want to skip a dose of Xolair (originally scheduled for tomorrow, 1/25/12).  Will meet with a new allergist at Kaiser, Dr. Burnet (replacing the retiring Dr. Roth).


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