Second Xolair shot but feeling some reactions

Second time taking Xolair, bumped it up to 450mg so we don’t waste any. Each vial is 150mg (3vials = 450mg)…if I don’t use it all they throw away the rest! (and each vial costs ~$900!)

Would I be overdosing? Actually with my 22,000+ IgE level, this dosage of Xolair is a drop in the ocean. Think of it like adding spices to soup. You have to add enough to change the flavor. In people like me with severe allergies, the flavor changes is changes in my allergic reactions. However, with 22,000+ IgE, using this dose of Xolair is like dropping a spec of salt in a tub of soup – wont taste a thing.

So why try? Well, it will make a tiny difference, even if unnoticeable, it should lessen the load on my body fighting off constant allergic reactions. Hopefully that’ll give my body more of a chance to fight back. Ive had enough miracles happen to me to know the improbable does happen. It’s why I’m still here. It’s the story of my life. Even if its a slim chance, If you don’t try, there’s no chance.

That said, it’ll take probably 3 months to notice improvements, if any. But the 2 times I’ve taken Xolair I’ve felt bad effects. The only bad effect it should have is allergic reactions. I have many kinds of allergic reactions. One is a motion sickness like feeling with weakness and hot sweats. I get this kind of reaction more from smells, like perfume, but other things trigger it too. That’s what I’m feeling now so it’s been a sluggish and unproductive few days. Hard to be out of bed doing much.

Will see if these symptoms last and if I can hang in with Xolair for 3 months. Will be great if I can and this helps. It’s a surprisingly safe medication with barely any side effects, which would make for a very short Medication TV ad.



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