First Xolair Shot – 375mg and Feeling Ok!

Had the first Xolair shots today, 375mg split into 5 shots on the underside on both arms.  Xolair comes as this viscous, gooey stuff, not liquid like most shots.  They inject it into your fatty tissue areas.  But because it’s not liquid, if they injected the whole dose in just 1 shot in 1 location on your arms, it’ll create a huge lump of the medication under your skin.  So they split the shot into 5 smaller portions and injected each in a different place on the underside of my arms.

Was a bit anxious at first knowing the potential for anaphylactic shock. Even though that’s only about 1/1000 people, I’m usually that 1. Stayed in the nurses station for 2hrs for observation for any adverse effects. Immediately after the shots were administered I felt my temperature rise, skin rashes seemed more inflamed, and chest tightening which made breathing harder. Did a few flow meter tests for asthma and they continuously monitored my blood oxygen level, but after the 2 hrs I felt ok and have returned home to rest. However, adverse effects including rashes, hives, asthma, and shock may still occur within 7 days, so I’m praying that nothing happens!



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