First Week with Reduced Cyclosporin, added Cetirizine and Famotidine

Spared no time in going on the new treatment regiment for September.  I’ve been on the reduced 100mg/day of Cyclosporin for a full week and dropping it down to 75mg/day of Cyclosporin tonight (9/12/11) for the next week.  Also, I’ve been on Cetirizine for a full week (3 days on 10 mg and 4 days on 20 mg) along with 10 mg of Famotidine for 4 days.

The reduction of Cyclosporin from alternating days of 100mg and 125mg to 100mg/day has gone much better than expected.  Though there are two minor patches of rashes on my torso (left ribcage area), the rash areas have been well controlled with the continuation of the bathing regiment (robathol oil + salt in the tub, seal with vanicream and triamcinolone in affected areas on skin).  However, I haven’t been on just 75 mg of cyclosporin…ever.  So I’ve been keeping a very strict diet of elecare and beef (either as plain Carls Jr Famous Star hamburgers or home made steak) with some potatoes.  For fruit, I’m eating blueberries, which is the only fruit that I’m technically not allergic to.

Cetirizine (aka Zyrtec or AllerTec) has felt much better than Singulair.  I am feeling the drowsiness effects of Cetirizine, but unlike with Singular my motor control is fine and I have energy when I am awake.  It is interesting to experience the difference between sleepiness vs. tiredness/low energy(ness).  This means, unlike when I tried Singulair, I can be productive and active when I am awake.  Also, not experiencing any hives or other side effects from Cetirizine or Famotidine that I can tell.

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