Youtube Response for my Allergy & Eczema Update Videos

Got this message in my Youtube inbox about 2 weeks ago.  I’ve gotten several dozen like this where my health update videos have helped others with allergies, eczema, and immune system problems in one way or another.  Also, join my Facebook Page about allergies, eczema, etc


I can’t believe I found your site because I was looking for something completely different online. But I’ve dealt with skin issues my whole life as well, ones that started getting worse after college as well. For the past four years I’ve basically gone outside my house maybe a few days out of each month. The whole looking like a burn victim thing is something I know well. It’s really ridiculous when triggers are the most basic things in life, like water, the sun, and wind for me, as well as food allergies. I went a little crazy with prednisone for about three weeks to just heal the wounds and then just forced myself to take showers everyday, even though water usually ruins my skin, and for about two months now I have been feeling remarkably well. I still get outbreaks but they don’t last for a year, just a few days. Just wanted to say hi and say thanks for making these videos. I noticed you went to Harvey Mudd, which is funny because I grew up in Claremont, CA. Anyway, I know this is something people like us will have to live with for the rest of our lives but I am glad that you are putting on a brave face and showing the world that this problem needs an urgent solution.

take care,

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