“Are You that Pony, Mike?” Quote from USA Network “Suits”

Momentum for USA Network’s new lawyer show “Suits” continues in the second episode. It’s intelligent, intriguing, and amusing humor. Same reason I love White Collar on the same station. 9 mins into the 2nd episode of Suits (titled “Errors and Omissions“), I couldn’t stop laughing about following scene between Mike and Louis:

Louis: “You know… I pick a pony out of the herd every year, don’t you?”

Mike: “A…pony?”

Louis: “Oh yeah. Someone who shows potential, stamp my own little brand on him.”

Mike: (throws up in his mouth a little)

Louis: “Are you that pony, mike?”

I need to speak to all my interns like that! hahaha


After Mike turns down Louis, telling Louis “I work for Harvey…” Louis followed with this:

Louis: “So…maybe we can meet for lunch.  Tomorrow at the club. Say, 1pm?”

Mike: “Uh…tomorrow…”

Louis: “I know I just posed that as a question, but I really didn’t mean it that way.” (shuts the door in mike’s face)

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