Knocked the Freight Train off Track a Bit

This is the second day in about three weeks where I’ve felt somewhat like myself and able to do some sort activity.  Started taking the antihistamine Singulair three weeks ago and the drowsiness and loss of motor control side effects completely leveled me for this whole time. Felt like I was constantly being leveled by a freight train. First week I was only able to get out of bed for about 4 hrs/day. It’s weird I can’t take the side effects of medications like I used to. I used to be able to take bottles of benedryl or other antihistamines and not feel a thing. Guess I’m finally detoxed of all that.  Second week, slightly more, but when I tried to drive anywhere, even to the corner Supermarket 2 mins away, I was blanking out and having trouble controlling the car.  This felt like it made the situation worse because, since the beginning of my recovery a few years ago, driving has become a therapeutic activity.  Even at times when I was dead tired and couldn’t really stand, I could always sit in the car and go for long drives and get reenergized.  Not this time.  

But finally today (July 4th), taking advantage of the holiday with little to no traffic on L.A. freeways, I headed west towards Santa Monica beach.  Went off on Sunset Blvd taking the winding canyon road all the way to the Pacific Coast High way and continued north.  It’s amazing how driving freely along the ocean can do to repair one’s spirit and soul, or at least some of it.  While feeling completely debilitated the last couple of weeks, I felt I was losing more and more of myself day by day.

Hope the momentum from today helps bring me back. Kinda like Kenny Chesney talks about in the interview video (2nd vid below)

You and Tequilla (interview)

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