Migraines & Chest Tightnes from Smells, Fragrances, and Things

Since this morning when I tried to put on the same shirt I wore last night, I’ve been having migraines, stuffy nose, and cramping chest muscles.  Some of these symptoms I’ve mentioned before as seemingly random, but I know why I’m feeling this way today.  Last night I went to see Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides with a friend.  Two other guys sat in the empty seats next to me and one guy, who sat 1 seat down from me, had a light cologne.  It gave me a little headache at the time, but I guess the air conditioning in the theater kept the smell light enough that it didn’t really bother me.

However, this morning I tried to put on the same shirt over my clean T-shirt and the cologne residue smell on the shirt immediately gave me a headache.  So I changed my shirt but kept the same T-shirt.  I didn’t know until well into my drive that my clean T-shirt had gotten some of the cologne smell from my shirt, though it was barely noticeable.  I guess the cologne fragrance particles was building up in my nose during the early part of the drive until there was enough in my nose for me to notice it.  But then, there’s probably enough particles to cause an allergic reaction and my whole chest started tightening up and heart was racing kind of funny.

When I got out of the car to go visit a friend, the outside air helped and I started to recover.  But later when I got back in the car to drive home, being enclosed in the car with the smell on my shirt started giving me migraines in addition to the chest tightness.  Even though I can’t really smell the cologne fragrance anymore, the effect on me was still debilitating.


This makes me think many times when I’m seemingly sick or in discomfort for no reason (not eating, touching, or around obvious smells), I’m actually still reacting to something.  However, that “something”…whether it’s attacking me through my nose or my skin, is below the threshold of what my brain can tell, so I don’t notice it.  However, as I’ve said may times, it is obvious from my IgE reading of 20,000+ that just the tiniest bit of allergens can set off several nuclear bombs inside of me.  Even though its allergies, my body’s reactions can take many forms, not just rashes, breakouts or stuffy noses but also migraines, cramps, chest tightness, heart irregularities, which all takes a lot of energy.  This constant fight my body is putting up against the allergens makes me tired all the time constantly battling things that I can notice and that which I can’t.

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