Brig. General Robin Olds (Retired Air Force) Quote on Dog Fighting

“No two engagements, which I really prefer to call them, are the same.  Ever.  You think you got it down pat, but its always something different, it’s always something that will surprise you or demand of you: flexiblity, innovation” ~Brig. General Robin Olds, ret. Air Force

Having fought through WWII over Germany as a triple Ace, then lead a whole air wing in the air over Vietnam, retired Brig. General Robin Olds is a true fighter pilot legend.  Here’s his quote about dog fighting which I really like for 3 reasons:

  • Shows his cowboy “take action” attitude that helped him and the squadrons he led to win many battles and transform the air force
  • Grounded, humble, but full of “excitement” for his craft (despite losing many men and seeing the cruel realities of war)
  • Same reason why I, along with many other traders, love each new day of trading.


Got this quote from the History Channel Series “Dog Fights”…probably my favorite history channel series.

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