Adjustment Issues: It’s Not How Hot (or Cold) It Is – and Preconceptions Suck

2 or so weeks ago when everyone here in LA were doing the beach & tan gig in 90 degree weather, it made me sick and miserable. I don’t know how many people would trade anything to move to Southern California just for the sunshine and non-depressing weather. So you ask me, Jeff,were you sick because it was too hot?

Well I posted this weather screenshot from my iPhone today. Also in mid 90’s…but I’m actually feeling great today! No I’m not able to go out in the scorching sun, but my internal organs don’t hurt, I’m not dizzy, and I can focus and have energy.


So what’s the difference? It’s because weather has sort of stabilized in this warm to hot range AND my body had the time to adjust to it. The example I gave above of 2 weeks ago made me sick because the temperature was 90’s one day, 50’s the next. My body needs about a week or so of similar weather so it was a constant target to adjust to.

So it’s not that I don’t do well in either hot or cold (which is how it is for most people and how they assume it is for me). I can do well in hot or cold, but I don’t do well with CHANGE. But you ask, “Isn’t weather always changing?”. Exactly. That’s one of the (many) reasons I’m never feeling well. For several years I was more accurate than any weather system: whenever rain was coming I would have hot and cold flashes for several days until the rain was over. Never failed. I think it’s because my health is well, barely there, so any little thing is enough to move the whole system whereas a normal person has enough reserves that these little changes go unnoticed.

The point of this post isn’t to expect you to understand my experiences, though I know others with sensitive health have gone through similar things. My message to everyone else is: don’t just ask or assume from your perspective, because that may be a very limited or biased however true it may be. Everyone has a different reality shaped by age, culture, experiences, geography, physiology, and so on.

I can’t tell you how many times good intentioned doctors, friends, and family tried to help or give suggestions about what I can do about my allergies. But as I said before, they’ve ALWAYS made it much worse. Why? They didn’t understand my unique situation..just tried to impose their own ideas and perspective on me.

Preconceptions like this isn’t jus dangerous for health issues but for work, dealing with clients, people, trading, science, you name it. When you assume something is a certain way and can only be that way, you deny your mind from seeing all the other possibilities.


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