Random Discomforts: Back Pains

For some reason, I rolled around in bed and couldn’t sleep until 7am, though I was really tired around 11pm after coming home from the movies with my dad.  We saw Battle L.A., which I thought was cool but my dad couldn’t handle the camera movements and got motion sickness.  Anyway, so when I finally woke up around 1:30pm today, my whole back was tight and especially the lower half hurt to move.  Probably muscle cramps, but I haven’t had back pains in a while.  Usually it’s my neck and shoulders that cramp up, particularly when it rains, before it rains, and after it rains.  That usually takes 3-4 days to get over.

So it’s usually not a persistent thing, but I do get the chance to experience difficulties and workarounds that others with the same disabled body part may encounter.  No fast movements, having to squat to pick things up, no turning, etc.

Not sure if I prefer neck & shoulder cramps or back cramps, but at least with neck & shoulder cramps, I can still sit and get some work done at my desk.  Today’s been an unproductive lying down day mostly, and straining my head to use this laptop is pulling on my back, so I’m gonna stop.  Just an update about the random obstacles that just decides to pop up everyday.  It’s not big deal for me.  Not specifically the back problem but just random problems in general.  But it does make it harder to accomplish daily goals.  The best thing I’ve learned to do is not get ahead or even think ahead (and therefore feel I’m behind).  I’m going to rest now, which is what’ll be most effective.  Maybe some meditation and some reading.  Defrag the brain so I’ll be fresh when my back’s fresh again…hopefully tomorrow.

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